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 FS DC2/4 stuff, philips headlight bulbs, dc2 carbra

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PostSubject: FS DC2/4 stuff, philips headlight bulbs, dc2 carbra   Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:51 am

Got a few items for sale
1. DC4 seats One left!!

Price: $100
Conditon:one has a small hole on the seat, driver side rail is rocking

3. Philip headlight bulbs (1x 4000k blue vision H4) (1x 5000k diamond vision H4)

[SIZE="5"] Price[/SIZE]: $65 (ea set)
[SIZE="5"]Conditon[/SIZE]: Brand New
[SIZE="5"]Pics:[/SIZE] will be up shortly

4. Integra gsi OEM spoiler in midnight blue x1

[SIZE="5"]Price:[/SIZE] $50
[SIZE="5"]Conditon:[/SIZE] Good
[SIZE="5"] Pics[/SIZE]:

5. Prelude BB6 rails both passenger and driver side

[SIZE="5"]Price:[/SIZE] $50 for the set
[SIZE="5"]Condition:[/SIZE] mint
[SIZE="5"]Pics: [/SIZE]

6. [COLOR="White"]Amber tint spray x1
[SIZE="5"]Price: sold![/SIZE]

7. Clear side indicator for DC2/4/2R

[SIZE="5"]Price[/SIZE]: $40 for the set
[SIZE="5"]Condition[/SIZE]: very good

8. Prelude BB6 passenger and driver seat belts

[SIZE="5"]Price[/SIZE]: $50 for the set
[SIZE="5"]Condition[/SIZE]: near new

9. DC2R boot mat

[SIZE="5"]Condition[/SIZE]: avg

10. DC2/4 upper control arm

[SIZE="5"]Price:[/SIZE] $100 for the set
[SIZE="5"]Conditon[/SIZE]: Excellent
[SIZE="5"] Pics:[/SIZE]

11. [SIZE="5"]DC2/4 front & rear mudflap[/SIZE]s
condition: [SIZE="5"]good[/SIZE] (needs a clean)
Price: $80

12.[SIZE="5"] DC2/4 car bar don't know if it fits facelift but ur welcome to come and try it

Condition: Excellent!!
Price: $150 ---> $100 now!!

[SIZE="6"]PM me for contact details Smile[/SIZE]
[SIZE="6"]Location : sydney ryde area[/SIZE]
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FS DC2/4 stuff, philips headlight bulbs, dc2 carbra
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