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 Stuff for Sale =D

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Stuff for Sale =D Empty
PostSubject: Stuff for Sale =D   Stuff for Sale =D I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 21, 2009 4:46 am

Item #1: TRD AE101/111 Superstrut Circuit Spec Coilovers #48000-AE190

Item Condition: Used but they were in good condition about 1 year ago when the car was being complied and they were taken off. They're still on the car atm so if you're curious how they handle can be arranged

Update: After pulling them off, they could do with a rebuild

Reason for Selling: Superstrut + Aussie **** roads = You can imagine

Price and Payment Conditions: $800 FIRM Pickup only unless you want to arrange your own courier, as you noticed I don't have much time to do things myself...

Extra Info: The coilovers won't be available till the suspension conversion is completed unfortunately which will be done around end of June. Brand new is about $4K from TRD without even being sent...

Available for pick up, need the $ asap

Pictures: None


Item#4: Blacktop Cams + Camgears

Item Condition: Just got cleaned!

Reason for Selling: Going Aftermarket

Price and Payment Conditions: $150ono

Extra Info: None


Item#5: MTEC Cosmos Blue White 4750K Extended Wattage H4 Bulbs

Item Condition: Used for only 3mths

Reason for Selling: Changed for Phillips Crystal Vision

Price and Payment Conditions: $30ono

Extra Info: None


Item#6: 16 Rays short nuts. Black in colour 12 x 1.5 pitch.

Item Condition: Anodised finish has same off. Could sand and run polished nuts, OR have the nuts reanodised in ANY colour of your choice @ mortdale anodising for 60 bucks!

Reason for Selling: No need for them, got some better ones Smile

Price and Payment Conditions: $70 FIRM

Extra Info: RRP of nuts is 230.. so 60+70= 130 dollars for freshly anodised rays nuts... Good saving plus you can have any colour you wish!


Item#6: Pioneer Carrozzeria FH-9900MD

Item Condition: Okay Condition, CD works fine, unsure if MD works =|

Looks like this

Reason for Selling: Upgrading =)

Price and Payment Conditions: $120ono

Extra Info: Double DIN CD/MD Player


Item#7: Volk Racing Bronze TE37 15" x 6.5JJ +35? 4 x 100 + Yokohama C-Drives 195/50/R15 ~60%

Item Condition: Not great with gutter rashes and paint not so good condition

Reason for Selling: Would like to go slightly bigger and wider rims

Price and Payment Conditions: $1500ono

Extra Info: Came with the car when I imported it, not buckled or anything just shopping damage =(

Location: Hills area =)

Contact Details: PM please or email @
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Stuff for Sale =D
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